The need we’re addressing

Why we’re needed in the local area

Tower Hamlets has amongst the highest levels of childhood obesity in the UK. In the most recent Tower Hamlets Public Health Directorate report, 25% of 10-11 year olds were classified as obese. According to research in 2014 by City University London, the borough has 41.8 ‘junk food outlets’ for every school, above the inner London average of 36.7. Weavers helps hundreds of children every year to play, exercise and eat more healthily.

Our immediate catchment area, the ward of St Peter’s, is particularly overcrowded with a population density of 160.7 residents per hectare compared with 128.5 for Tower Hamlets overall. Therefore Weavers is a precious open space, which must be retained for the benefit of the area’s children.

The difference we make

Over 300 children regularly use the playground, 61% of whom are from families experiencing the ravages of poverty on a daily basis.

Weavers offers each child an opportunity to experience a safe, multicultural, fully accessible environment in which to develop. Children build personal confidence and resilience; they develop new friendships, their personal creativity and new skills. This undoubtedly improves their future employability and helps them to reach their full potential personally, socially and educationally. Their future life chances and opportunities are broadened by their experiences at Weavers.