Mission Statement

The charity’s objectives and activities

Our objectives are:

  • To provide for local children’s right to play
  • To promote inclusion and social cohesion
  • To support and promote healthy lifestyles for local children

Our activities which support our objectives:

  • We manage and run an adventure playground open for all children up to the age of 16 in Bethnal Green in London. We create unique opportunities for play.
  • We also supervise specific physical activities e.g. Football, Rounders, Basketball, which help to improve hand eye coordination and promote team skills.
  • We have an indoor area which acts as a community centre where all are welcome. Parents mix and children play when it is too dark outside, aiding social cohesion.
  • We provide free and heavily subsidised meals for 40-200 children every day, which enables young people to eat meals which they may otherwise miss.
  • We also run workshops looking at issues such as antisocial behaviour, knife crime, personal and social development, building self esteem, decision-making and other topical subjects essential for young people.

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